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The Village of Bay View Council and Mayor will work together within the budget to provide beneficial services to the residents and visitors. We will strive to maintain a Police, Fire, Maintenance, Building and Zoning Departments which will ensure that residents and visitors will experience a safe, clean and enjoyable environment.


From The Health Department

There is a hotline number for any questions or concerns regarding the pandemic.

Call 567-867-3243

From The Mayor

Hello to all the residents and visitors of the Village of Bayview. We are proud to announce that the bridge and bayfront are now open for 24hrs. After reading the article in Thursday’s July 23, 2020 Sandusky Register, I would like to also give the following facts taken from the minutes of the Council Meetings.

  1. 1. The bridge and bayfront were closed March/April time frame due to the Covid 19 virus.
  2. 2. May 5, 2020 Council meeting Mayor Gwinner asked Council to approve re-opening the bridge and bayfront. Council approved.
  3. 3. May 19, 2020 Council had discussions about the litter situation on the bridge. Mayor asked Council to come to next meeting with ideas and solutions
  4. 4. June 2, 2020 Council had lengthy discussions about the litter situation on the bridge. Many ideas were brought up. Councilwoman Behrendt asked the public for volunteers to help clean the bridge. A motion was made to close the bridge from 12am-7am to lower the volume of trash on the bridge. Council passed this motion and will revisit in two weeks.
  5. 5. Councilwoman Behrendt published newsletter issue #3. In the newsletter she wrote an article discussing the litter problem. Councilwoman Behrendt along with her friend Lola formed a group and named it the Bayview Bridge Patrol. They had vests made up and asked for volunteers. The group was only a few, but they did try to help.
  6. 6. July 7, 2020 Council had more discussions about the litter problem. Now that the bridge was closing at Midnight the problem migrated to the bayfront as well. Council approved to close the bridge and bayfront from sunset to 7am.
  7. 7. July 21, 2020 Business owners representing Bayview Center and the Cedar Motel read a proposal to Council. This proposal offered some man hours to help keep the bridge and bayfront clean. The proposal also says they agree to empty the trash barrels and maintain a porta-potty for the fisherman. Thereafter, Council voted to re-open the bridge and bayfront 24 hrs. a day, with the express understanding that if the conditions are not met and if there is no improvement with the litter situation, the bridge and bayfront would return to limited hours.

This is the summary of the timeline. As you can see these decisions were not made overnight. This problem was being addressed for 2-3 months. During this time many people were trying to help. The Bayview Police handed out litter bags and asked people to pick up their trash. The Bayview Center handed out litter bags and warned the fisherman if they did not clean up their trash the fishing would be shut down. The Bridge Patrol and some residents also helped by picking up trash. Fisherman even helped pick up other people’s trash. Bottom line is that some of the fisherman spoiled it for all. I know that there are some environmental, friendly fisherman that visit our area and I thank you for helping to keep our community beautiful. Now that the Bayview Center has agreed to volunteer to clean these areas, everyone please chip in and do your part. Our goal is to keep this area open for fishing 24hrs a day if they stay clean. We have a beautiful community here and we just want to keep it that way. Most of all, we do support our local businesses and consider this a win for everyone. Thank You Bayview Center and Bait and Cedar Motel for volunteering to take on this task. Please reach out if there is anything we can do.

Village Council and Mayor Gwinner

Bay View Tree Ordinance

We would like to remind folks that we have many ordinances on the books. If you are doing any type of work at your home you should first check to see if there is a permit needed. We have been seeing many of the marker trees being taken down. There is an active tree ordinance which states that anyone wishing to take a marker tree down must first get a permit from the Mayor free of charge. For a tree permit please call the Mayor at 419-503-1044 and for all other permits please call the Zoning Inspector Ron at 419-202-7732 The tree permit also requires that no stump stays behind. The stump must be ground to below grade and we highly recommend that the tree be replaced with your choice of tree. We are also in the process of obtaining some tree saplings that will be offered free of charge. It is our goal to keep the beauty of our Village with trees for the future. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank You Mayor Gwinner and Village Council

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Please do not pour grease down your drains. The grease is creating a problem at our sewer pump station.
Thanks for your co-operation!

Due to the lake being at a record high level the village is now under lake level. Our storm drains have no where to flow out. This is not just a village issue as Sandusky and many costal places are suffering from the high lake levels. This may cause your crawl space or basement to back up or make your sump pumps run more.

Friendly Reminder
When walking your dogs please be courteous and pick up after them. This includes resident’s yards, water front, the park etc.
Thank you, Mayor and Village Council

Mayor and Village Council

Council Procedures

When Council is in session there is to be no interaction or comment from the floor unless called upon. If you wish to speak at a Council meeting you should contact Mayor Gwinner by email at or telephone 419-503-1044 to be put on the agenda no later than 12 noon on the Monday prior to the Council meeting.


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Rayz on the Bay would like the support of our residents during these times as they try to support our community.

Please visit their website for hours and contact information. Please help support our local businesses. Thank You.

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