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The Village of Bay View Council and Mayor will work together within the budget to provide beneficial services to the residents and visitors.  We will strive to maintain a Police, Fire, Maintenance, Building and Zoning Departments which will ensure that residents and visitors will experience a safe, clean and enjoyable environment.

Thank You!

I would personally like to thank the residents of Bay View for all they did to keep our residents safe during the recent gas outage.  To our Police and Fire Departments for keeping us safe!  It is times like this that I am proud to say that I am a resident of Bay View.  I also know that the next year will test all of our patience but you have to have a mess to make something better.  Please keep extra bottled water on hand and alternate sources of fuel!

Mayor Wobser

Council Change

New changes coming to council beginning January 19, 2016 meeting.  When Council is in session there is to be no interaction or comment from the floor unless called upon.  If you wish to speak at a Council meeting you should contact Mayor Wobser by email bwobser@villageofbayview.com or telephone 419-656-8278 to be put on the agenda no later than 12 noon on the Monday prior to the Council meeting.