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The Village of Bay View Council and Mayor will work together within the budget to provide beneficial services to the residents and visitors.  We will strive to maintain a Police, Fire, Maintenance, Building and Zoning Departments which will ensure that residents and visitors will experience a safe, clean and enjoyable environment.




Please do not pour grease down your drains.  The grease is creating a problem at our sewer pump station.

Thanks for your co-operation!

Due to the lake being at a record high level the village is now under lake level.  Our storm drains have no where to flow out.  This is not just a village issue as Sandusky and many costal places are suffering from the high lake levels.  This may cause your crawl space or basement to back up or make your sump pumps run more.

Friendly Reminder

When walking your dogs please be courteous and pick up after them.  This includes resident’s yards, water front, the park etc.

Thank you,

Mayor and Village Council

Tree Trimming and Chipping Policy

Storm and Wind damage

After a big storm village workers will go through the village chipping branches.  They will clean up trees and branches on the streets or Village property.

 They do not clean up private property.

Trees and branches that are blown down by the wind on private property can be cut by the owner and the branches placed out by the street for chipping

Village workers only chip branches.  They do not hall wood away.

Branches need to be cut into pieces small enough to be put into the chipper and placed near the street..  Branches larger than 4″ in diameter and branches that will not feed into the chipper will not be taken.

 Light Trimming

Periodically the village workers will go through the village and chip up branches from wind damage and light trimming.  They will take piles of branches that can be chipped in 10-20 minutes.

 Yard Waste

The village does not pick up yard waste. (grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves (except for fall leaf pick up)  These do not chip well and we have no place to dispose of them

Hiring a Contractor

If you hire a contractor to do work in your yard, it is the contractor’s responsibility to remove all yard waste, leaves, tree trimmings and wood.


Mayor and Village Council

Council Procedures

 When Council is in session there is to be no interaction or comment from the floor unless called upon.  If you wish to speak at a Council meeting you should contact Mayor Wobser by email bwobser@villageofbayview.com or telephone 419-684-5315 or 419-656-8278 to be put on the agenda no later than 12 noon on the Monday prior to the Council meeting.